Zetterbergpriset Call for Nominations 2018

Uppsala University invites you to nominate one or several candidates for the Hans L. Zetterberg Prize in Sociology.

The Hans L. Zetterberg Prize is awarded annually. In 2018, the prize ceremony will take place at the end of May at Uppsala University. The sum to be awarded is SEK 100 000 (currently about US$ 12,000/ € 10,000).

The prize is to be awarded yearly to a young researcher, Swedish or foreign, who, with his/her scientific work in sociology, preferably through the fruitful combination of theory and practice, has moved the research front forward.

Through his/her published works, the nominee should have reached an acknowledged academic position but should not be at the end of his/her research career.

The upper age limit for nominees is 40 years of age (the year the prize is awarded).

Deadline for submitting nominations is February 26th 2018.

For more information, see:

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