Sociologisk Forskning 54:4 (2017)


Editor’s introduction: ”Look at what’s happening in Sweden”: Swedish sociology on contemporary Swedens 273 |Fulltext| |DiVA|
Christofer Edling
Sara Eldén
The ”People’s home” is falling down, time to update your view of Sweden s 275 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Göran Therborn
Work in Sweden 1974–2010: Work-life inequality at the intersection of class and gender s 279 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Carl le Grand
Michael Tåhlin
Forestry and the environment: tensions in a transforming modernity s 283 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Rolf Lidskog
Erik Löfmarck
Ylva Uggla
Lower unemployment benefits and old-age pensions is a major setback in social policy s 287 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Kenneth Nelson
Swedish cities now belong to the most segregated in Europe s 293 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Catharina Thörn
Håkan Thörn
Female same-sex couples act long-term financially rational? s 297 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Marie Evertsson
Katarina Boye
Lone mothers with low income face obstacles to practice their mothering s 303 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Christine Roman
Women have a stronger say in couples' decisions to have a child s 307 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Ann-Zophie Duvander
Maria Brandén
Susanne Fahlén
Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk
Popular peers and firstborn siblings are better off s 313 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Ylva B. Almquist
Bitte Modin
Fobbing care work unto ”the other” – what daily press reporting shows s 319 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Sandra Torres
Non-European migrants often have similar or better health than natives s 323 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Sol Juarez
Mikael Rostila
Education: Family resources help girls more than boys when it comes to mental-health problems s 329 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Annica Brännlund
Jonas Edlund
Girls with highly educated parents have less somatic complaints s 335 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Viveca Östberg
Sara Brolin Låftman
Young people in suburbs feel discriminated, but hopeful s 341 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Magnus Dahlstedt
Patterns of protest participation are changing s 347 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Magnus Wennerhag
The Sweden Democrats and the ethno-nationalist rhetoric of decay and betrayal s 353 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Gabriella Elgenius
Jens Rydgren
The gender gap in crime is decreasing, but who's growing equal to whom? s 359 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Felipe Estrada
Anders Nilsson
Olof Bäckman
Street-gang violence in Sweden is a growing concern s 365 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Amir Rostami
Open custody for criminal youth hold back re-offending s 369 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Tove Pettersson
Bodies, doings, and gendered ideals in Swedish graffiti s 373 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Erik Hannerz
”In Sweden we shake hands” – but are we really? s 377 |Fulltext| |DiVA| |Abstract|
Anton Andersson
Christofer Edling
Jens Rydgren
Sociologförbundet har ordets 383|Fulltext| |DiVA|
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