CFP: Special issue of Sociologisk Forskning: Time, power and resistance

Deadline for papers 15 december 2018

Guest editors
Majken Jul Sørensen, Karlstad University: majken.jul.sorensen@kau.se
Eva Alfredsson Olsson, Karlstad University: eva.olsson@kau.se
Satu Heikkinen, Karlstad University: satu.heikkinen@kau.se

Power and resistance are entangled in a multitude of ways – where there is power, there is also resistance to it. But what temporal aspects are incorporated into different forms of power and resistance?

In industrialised societies, the dominant perception of time is associated with the clocks and calendars which represent the abstract and decontextualized concept of time. This commodified time where “time is money” developed together with capitalism, but is very different from cyclical, biological time and the lived experience of time in people’s daily life. How are these different experiences of time related to the diverse forms of power and resistance?

Recently time has resurfaced in sociology with the growing interest in acceleration. People report of feeling rushed and short of time both at work and in private life, trying to carve out small amounts of “quality time”. How do we experience this acceleration and how do we resist the very force of acceleration in our daily lives?

For this special issue we are calling for empirical and theoretical contributions which critically interrogate how time is interlinked with power and resistance, aiming to answer questions such as:

  • How do individuals and social movements organize time in ways that divert from the dominant clock-time? What do the alternatives look like?
  • How are control and dominance exercised by regulating time and space, for instance by dividing time into different slots?
  • What are the socio-temporal aspects of discursive power? How is power circulating?
  • How are different forms of everyday and constructive resistance coordinated temporally?
  • Where is the border between coping and resistance? Do coping strategies merely contribute to survival but uphold power in the long run, or do they potentially undermine the operations of power?

Articles can be written in Swedish or English and should be 4 000 to 10 000 words. See the journal’s instructions for authors. Deadline for papers is December 15, 2018. All papers will be peer reviewed.

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